Denny Fest

Denny's Fest! 

On the 2nd of September this year We held our annual charity event Denny's Fest in memory of denny Rowe the founder of Denny's Place. 

This year we chose to support The Pickering Cancer Drop in centre. A local charity to tunbridgewells run by Polly. 

The charity is for people who are suffering and surviving from cancer and also their loved ones during and after. A completely voluntary based charity that offer a wide range of services including Raiki, massage and counselling. The centre recently also gained funding for a holiday home that is completely paid for so that families can spend some much needed quality time together. The pay mortgages, rent, bills, child care and much more to help those in need during some of the most difficult times in their lives. 

To help raise this money Denny's joined up with 14 Arrows tattoo studio and The beauty rooms. Denny's offered £5 hair cuts, doing 55 cuts on the day, 14 Arrows offered £30 tattoos, inking 76 people on the day and the beauty rooms offered special offers, cakes, sweets and children's game. We also did a BBQ, Bar and had live music throughout the day. 

Due to the amazing effort from all the staff and customers we raised an incredible £3,680!! 

We would like to thank everyone who took part on the day and can not wait to start planning for next years event.