About Us

Denny Rowe started his apprenticeship as a young boy, taught by his father Sid Rowe (World Class Champion Barber), in his own shop "Classic Barbers", (The Rowe family had a long heritage of Barbers in the family, at the time one of the largest in the UK), where he learned the art of Cut Throat Shaving and Barbering. 

Many haircuts and shaves later, on June 19th 1988, in Hearne Bay Denny went on to obtaining the most safety razor shaves in 60 minutes, a staggering 1,994 faces! Actually, it wasn't one razor, but 1,994. Each beard was dispatched with a new blade, supplied by the British razor blade company that sponsored the competition. The British army supplied the beards. "I only cut four men," Denny recalled.

Since 1988, Denny's record has held. He is still the world's champion in this peculiar speciality.

Some years after working  from a little shop with large windows and green wood trim on Poppin's Court, along one of those alleys as thin as a capillary off Fleet Street at Leonard & Michael Hair Dresser. Denny went on to open the doors to his first customers at Denny's Place, Tunbridge Wells in 2000, where he quickly made a name for himself.

Storm (Denny's daughter) Started her apprenticeship when she was 18, taught every possible hour that the shop was open, and finally became qualified at the age of 19.

Sadly on the 7th of July 2013 Denny Rowe passed away. He died from lung cancer which he battled for almost a year. Denny was a major part of Tunbridge Wells, a character that will never be forgotten. Denny raised over £75,000 for charity in his life time, including after his death. Denny’s Place will carry on raising money in memory of the greatest boss and friend.

Denny created his own history, a legacy which he has passed on to his staff, and they will keep that legacy going in memory of the greatest man they will ever know. His loss will always be there, but Denny will always be in his shop, Denny’s Place is the man himself. A constant, lively, robust and loving place to be.

Storm continues to this day to run the barbers shop and also continues in her fathers footsteps of raising money for charity. Denny's wish for complete customer satisfaction and his attitude towards perfection makes our customers come back for their haircut and beard shave regularly, because his morals live on in his staff.

Please share in our memories and in our love